Spring 2015


Spray It Forward is a charity set up to help the Collegiate Waterski Teams and Skiers across the country be better equipped and ski safer, while also helping grow the number of participants and enthusiasts within the sport at competitive and family levels alike. Amanda Hoffman embodied everything that collegiate skiing holds valuable, and Spray It Forward hopes to honor her memory by giving back to the collegiate waterski community. If you or someone you know has any equipment that they would like to donate to this charity, then please go to http://sprayitforwards.org/ to learn how. You can help make a difference in the many young lives that participate in our great sport.

spirit ski and team

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Meetings take place every Tuesday at 8pm in the Rec room 281. Come check us out!


Ski Show Team Photo

Find out when we are going out to the lake this week by contacting an officer or watch for posts on the GroupMe





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